Thursday, January 18, 2024

Winter safety tips

Winter's here and we've got a small but mighty request: Let's keep our fire hydrants clear. By shoveling out a 3-foot space around them, you're helping our Northville Township Fire Department (NTFD) access these lifesavers faster, cutting down crucial response times. And since we're talking about shoveling, NTFD has some cool tips to keep you safe and warm while you're at it: 

• Ease into your day before grabbing that shovel. Don't rush, let your body wake up first!

• Warm-up alert! A quick stretch or a little walk does wonders before you start.

•  Opt for a smaller shovel. It's about many light lifts, not a few heavy ones.

• Dress like it's a winter wonderland! Keep your hands, head, and face cozy.

• Shovel in stages. Don't forget to take those well-deserved breaks.

Together, let's make this winter safe and hydrant-friendly!

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