Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Friends of Unity of Plymouth volunteers are ‘Miracle’ workers

Members of one Plymouth church believe in ‘miracles’ as they volunteer to help bring them about each month. 

The nondenominational  Friends of Unity of Plymouth members volunteer with the Miracle League of Plymouth monthly. This month, church members helped at the end of winter bowling event organized by Miracle League leaders. 

Miracle League of Plymouth is a local non-profit organization that allows special needs children to participate in sports despite the obstacles many have to overcome. This winter, Miracle League offered swimming, basketball and bowling. Friends of Unity members each paired up with a child with special needs to cheer them on as they rolled bowling balls down the lanes. The volunteers spent time with the youngsters which allowed parents and caregivers a break in the daily routine. Volunteers noted that the activities allow them to interact with the special needs children which is often the key to changing their life perspective about those with different needs. 

Friends of Unity the Rev. Kathy Harwood Long said being involved in Miracle League has sparked something in her. Interacting with the children one on one and getting to know the children’s interests and behaviors is very rewarding, she said. Harwood said volunteering regularly as a Friends of Unity ‘buddy’ people in the community care about them. Many local residents are unaware that there are children in the area who have certain different abilities, but who still just want to be kids, she added. 

Friends of Unity member Georgia Monroe said that seeing a child who would not normally able to bowl ‘blows her mind’. She explained that the independence of special needs children is surprising.  As a buddy, volunteers are on hand to encourage and cheer the children on. Some children will approach their buddy for a ‘high five’ while others keep to themselves. Still others might celebrate knocking down a few bowling pins with an impromptu dance.

Friends of Unity members hope to continue to volunteer each season, Harwood said. The next event planned is baseball season starting Apr. 30. For more information about Miracle League of Plymouth volunteering, visit