Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Demolition begins at Northville Downs


The largest development in the City of Northville was set to begin demolition this week.

Outbuildings at the former Northville Downs were slated for demolition this week by Renascent, Inc. as one of the first steps in the redevelopment of the site into residential and retail structures. The proposed Downs project will be a community of single-family homes, townhouses, row houses, apartments, condominiums and small businesses, along with greenspace amenities according to the developers’ website.

Permits for the demolition were recently issued by city officials. Included in the demolition permit were the houses and apartment complex north of Beal Street extended. A demolition permit has also been issued to Toll Brothers for the structure on the old Farmer’s Market site at Seven Mile and Sheldon Road. The main racetrack clubhouse is not included in the scope of the demolition permits that have been issued to date, according to city officials.

Asbestos remediation has been completed in the outbuildings on the Downs racetrack parcel and inspections by representatives of Environmental Testing and Consulting (ETC) have determined the outbuildings clear and safe for demolition. Remediation continues on the main racetrack clubhouse and it has not been cleared for demolition, according to a prepared statement from the city.

All materials generated from the dismantling of the structures will be hauled off site. Construction traffic will enter and exit the site through the construction entrance on Center Street and will be limited to Center Street and Seven Mile. City ordinances allow construction work from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily, seven days a week. The construction site will be secured outside of construction times, officials explained.

For more information visit the Hunter Pasteur website on The Downs project, Northville Downs, or the city of Northville pages dedicated to this project Northville Downs Redevelopment - City of Northville, MI.

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