Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Court order keeps downtown Northville streets open

 Downtown streets in Northville will remain open while a lawsuit against the city continues according to a court decision rendered last month.Plans to close Main and Center streets in the downtown “social district” prompted a lawsuit filed by “Let’s Open Northville,” a group of local business owners and residents who disagree with the city decision to close the streets for six months of the year.Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Charlene Elder granted a preliminary injunction prohibiting the city from closing the streets while the complaint from the Let’s Open Northville (LON) group proceeds. The injunction prohibits the closing of Main Street between Center and Herron streets and Center Street between Main and Dunlap streets as planned by the city to take place between May 1 and Nov. 1. The city spent an estimated $200,000 for the installation of retractable bollards at impacted intersections to block traffic in the affected areas. Temporary closings for special events and festivals are not impacted by the court decision. Scheduled events will continue as planned, according to city officials. “The judge’s decision that Let’s Open Northville (LON) is likely to proceed on the merits is another step towards protecting LON’s members’ rights,” wrote Kyle Konwinski, one of the attorneys representing Let’s Open Northville in the lawsuit. “The judge again rejected all of the city’s arguments and instead entered the extraordinary relief of an injunction.” City officials have requested a reconsideration of the judge’s decision and will appeal to a higher court according to reported statements from City Manager George Lahanas. Court filings from LOP allege city officials overstepped any such legal authority when approving the street closures and have violated city ordinances, state and local fire codes and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other legal protections. The suit further claims the plan had a serious negative impact on local