Thursday, February 10, 2022

Hospital donates $15,000 unit to fire department

Romulus officials and fire personnel admire the new LUCAS
 (Lund University Cardiac Assist System) donated to
the fire department by Beaumont Hospital Wayne.
The $15,0000 device provides steady chest compression
for patients during transport.
Life saving efforts in the Romulus Fire Department have been pumped up with the addition of a mechanized chest compression unit for use in resuscitation attempts.

The device, a LUCAS - an acronym for Lund University Cardiac Assist System-was donated to the department by Beaumont Hospital, Wayne, and includes the chest compression unit, with accompanying charger, battery and power supply, valued at about $15,000. Officials said the new equipment will allow the Romulus Fire Department to provide consistent, quality chest compressions during resuscitation attempts, improving patient outcome as much as possible before arriving to the emergency room.

“The Romulus Fire Department is pleased to partner with Beaumont, Wayne, and this most recent donation of the LUCAS chest compression unit will better support us in our mission to save lives and serve the community,” said Chief Kevin Krause, director of fire services and emergency management for the City of Romulus. “Today's announcement (of the donation) is another step in our continuing efforts to prioritize bringing life-saving technology and equipment to the city.”

The LUCAS chest compression kit can benefit any patient but is most frequently used in cardiac arrest emergencies. The equipment allows first responders to keep patients in better condition, for longer periods of time, while in transit to the hospital, according to health officials. 

“It is important to support our community partners and strengthen the capabilities of our incredible first responders,” said Jeffrey Chicoine, regional community affairs manager for Beaumont Health. “We want to do everything we can to improve patient outcomes, especially in these challenging times.” 

Kristine Donahue, chief operating officer of Beaumont, Wayne, highlighted the importance of collaboration between the hospital and the fire department. 

“Providing this life-saving equipment to our partners at the Romulus Fire Department is just one small gesture to acknowledge their continued support of the Beaumont Hospital, Wayne campus,” she added. “We are grateful this equipment will enhance the care they provide to the community.” 

The City of Romulus Fire Department averages 15 calls a day, roughly 80 percent of which require Emergency Medical Services (EMS) support, Krause said. 

“The department recently obtained Advanced Life Support (ALS) certification, giving Romulus firefighters the ability to treat patients on the scene and transport them directly to the hospital instead of waiting for EMS support to arrive. This reduces the number of emergency vehicles on the road and improves patient outcomes.

“The LUCAS equipment will provide firefighters additional support when working to improve patient outcomes, as it offers better results than basic CPR,” he said.