Thursday, February 24, 2022

Romulus library reopens with new carpeting

Visitors at the Romulus Public Library this week will see new carpeting throughout a completely renovated adult services area.

The latest renovations to the computer area, circulation desk and meeting room will conclude the updates to those spaces in the library, a spokesman noted.

 The library closed for a week to accomplish the installation and reopened yesterday, Feb. 23.

“When developing our strategic plan four years ago, we asked residents to share their thoughts on ways to improve the library,” said Romulus Public Library Director Patty Braden. 

“There were requests for expanded space, mobile tables and more comfortable seating. When people see what we've done with the space I think they will be pleased to see that their vision has come to life.”

Building renovations began in late October and are expected to conclude in early spring. Improvements include: a functional modern service desk with better lighting and a more user-friendly shape and size; a new larger computer area with power and data outlets on the floor for a cleaner space and easier internet access; an expanded meeting room designed to serve as one large room, or, with a partition, two smaller rooms; a sink, cabinets and outlets for patrons to prepare drinks or snacks for their groups; new carpeting in the updated sections expanding throughout the adult services area and new shelving compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act

The renovations are supported by the Romulus Public Library budget. 

Taxpayers will not see an increase in taxes to support the funding of the renovations, Braden stressed. 

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