Thursday, February 17, 2022

Random acts

Students rewarded for kindness

Students, along with their parents and teachers,
were honored at the recent city council meeting.
A second group of students has been honored for acts of kindness by members of the Westland City Council.

During the regular council meeting last week, four students from the 17 Wayne-Westland school were awarded a $20 gift card in recognition of their Random Acts of Kindness. The program is a partnership of the Westland Compassionate City Committee and the Wayne-Westland Community Schools. Honored were Jalon Lewis of Edison Elementary, Mohammad Akbari of Elliott Elementary, Quincy Choice of Hicks Elementary, and Aiden Stanfield of Hamilton Elementary. 

Lewis was nominated for his action in turning in money that he found that didn't belong to him. On his nomination form, Lewis was lauded as “a very responsible and respectful student. His act of kindness shows what great character Jalon has. He is an excellent role model for his classmates both academically and socially.”

Akbari was nominated by a classmate, who said: “Mohammad helped me clean up a mess that I made, and he also helped another student put away their Chromebook”. 

Akbari is described by educators as a “a kind, compassionate, and hardworking student. He goes above and beyond classroom expectations to be safe, respectful, and responsible at Elliott Elementary School. He is always willing to volunteer his time and talents to help others. He even volunteered to help decorate the Kindness Box that is displayed in the front lobby! He is a wonderful role model.”

Choice's nomination was based on his kind words and compliments to a classmate which helped the other student feel better.

“Quincy is a quiet and thoughtful student. He exhibits our motto of be responsible, be respectful, and be safe on a daily basis while interacting with teachers and students. He shows kindness to everyone he meets and is committed to doing his best every day,” educators said.

It was Nov. 30 during a snowy recess when Stanfield realized another student didn't have winter boots.

“Recess is just not the same,” he said. Stanfield said he felt bad for his friend, so he insistently declared that he was going to get his classmate some boots. After collaborating with both students' mothers, Hamilton orchestrated a private exchange that left the student in need of boots speechless, and their school social worker in tears. 

“Congratulations to these fine young students and their support system who have shown them the way to compassion. This partnership will reveal more of our outstanding young compassionate students every month at the second city council meeting. #CompassionateCity Westland Police Community Partnership,” said Mayor William R. Wild.