Thursday, August 13, 2020

Democratic voters double Republicans in Canton

Voters in Canton Township will choose between current incumbent Supervisor Pat Williams and his Democratic challenger AnneMarie Graham-Hudak on the Nov. 3 ballot.
During the primary election balloting last week, Republican Williams 7,293 of the 7,308 Republican primary ballots cast. Graham-Hudak received 14,467 of those voting on the Democratic side of the ballot where 14,524 votes for supervisor were cast.
In the race for township clerk, incumbent Michael Siegrist received 99.63 percent of the votes cast on the Democratic side of the ballot as there was no Republican challenger.
In the treasurer's race, too, Democratic incumbent Dian Slavens faced no opposition on the Republican side of the ballot and received 0099.68 percent or 14,644 votes cast for that office.
The race for trustee which will be decided by voters Nov. 3, gave Democrat Tania Ganguly 10,250 votes; and Kate Borninski 10,061 votes. Incumbents Sommer N. Foster received 9,888 votes and Steven Sneideman received 7,042 votes. Jack Bird Jr. collected a total of 4,571 votes, Robb Grandon received 3,763 votes and Gary A. Hotycki garnered a total of 2,878 in the Democratic primary voting. 
On the Republican side, incumbent Trustee John Anthony received a total of 6,000 votes; Brian Williams garnered 5,644 votes, Carly Sayre received a total of 5,346 votes and Devon Smith received 5,250 votes.
The top four Democrats will appear on the November General Election ballot along with the four Republicans.