Thursday, August 13, 2020

Northville voters approve operating millage, edge out current office holders

Northville Township voters approved the request for an operating renewal and increase by a 2-1 margin during the primary election last week. Voters cast 6,472 yes votes on the question or 64.60 percent of the votes and 3,546 no votes or 35.40 percent of the total.
In the race for supervisor of the township, Republican voters cast 2,447 or 50.38 percent of the votes in favor of Mark J. Abbo, a former supervisor. Incumbent Robert R. Nix received 2,408 votes or 49.58 percent of the total.

Republican voters also opted for roger Lundberg as the candidate of choice for township clerk, giving him 2,326 votes, or 50.31 percent, narrowly edging out incumbent Clerk Marjorie F. Banner who received 2,292 votes, 49.58 percent.
The race for treasurer also saw incumbent Fred Shadko defeated by challenger Jason Rhimes. Rhimes received  2,377 votes, 53.13 percent, while Shako was the choice of 2,093 or 46.78 percent of voters.
The top vote getter among the Republican candidates for trustee was Mindy Hermann who received 20.99 percent of the votes or a total of 3,123. That total was followed closely by candidate Chris Roosen who received a total of 2,863 votes or 19.25 percent of the total. Cynthia L. Jankowski was the third highest vote getter with a total of 2,719 or 18.28 percent and Scott Frush garnered 2,639 votes or 17.74 percent of the total cast on the Republican side of the ballot.
Those four candidates will appear on the Nov. 3 General Election ballot vying for terms on the township board of trustees. Candidate Steve McGuirk received 13.89 percent of the votes for a total of 13.89 and Kevin C. Johnston was the choice of 1,451 or 9.75 percent of the voters.