Thursday, February 8, 2024

Museum celebrates century of Rotary Club community service

 Kate Hart


The word “Rotary” conjures thoughts of dials on old 

telephones.  But for the citizens of Plymouth it reminds them of the Fall festival where hundreds of chicken dinners are roasting away in the outdoors. What many people don’t know is how much more there is to this philanthropic organization.  There are the many volunteers for fundraising while 

supporting local businesses, making the Rotary Club of 

Plymouth, one of the most charitable organizations in the city. 

The Plymouth Historical Museum is presenting a 100-year look on how the Rotary Club of Plymouth was founded.  The exhibit has documented history of the Rotary Club along with items of interest; gavels used by its past presidents, the 

original charter members bios, memorabilia from the past, 

the history of charitable events and even reveal how they make those delicious chicken dinners!

Not only can you visit the history of the Rotary Club but there is “A Century of Service,” where you can walk down Main Street experiencing Plymouth’s past. Or maybe a visit of the Lincoln Room, displaying many Lincoln memorabilia.  Finally, there is a walk of the Timeline, viewing items that bring back those nostalgic memories of the past.

Museum is located in Downtown Plymouth at 

155 S. Main Street.

Museum hours are 

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

1 – 4 PM.