Thursday, February 1, 2024


Downtown Romulus - 5th Annual Curlng Event Success for Families and Charity

The 5th Annual Curling Event was a hit, bringing families and friends together as they took part in a fun and unique 

outdoor event while successfully raising money for Charity.  This popular yearly event is held in Downtown Romulus, 

located in Mary Ann Banks Park. Making up Ten - Four person teams proved successful in bringing together families and friends to enjoy the great outdoors, while raising over $600 to pay for “sunshine boxes” created for children staying in homeless shelters.  Students Kayla Leonard and Bianca Waters, are representatives of the Romulus High School chapter of a national program, Family Career Community Leaders of America.  Raising money is a priority along with getting 

students involved in community service.  It builds important skills including teamwork, budgets, scheduling, meeting 

commitments and more.  Because of the success, Kayla Leonard and Bianca Waters are encouraged to create more events, impacting veterans, such as Foundation 14.  An organization supporting military veterans in their passion for 

riding motorcycles. Event Organizers are encouraged and looking forward to a bigger and better event next year.

Curling History:  Flemish Artist, Pieter Bruegel (1530-1569) recorded a similar outdoor activity played on frozen bodies of water.  Originally called the “Roarin Game” (noise of granite stone on ice) it is thought to be one of the oldest team sports.

The sport was first recognized in Scotland.  To do this day, countries embrace the outdoor temperatures but all 

competitive curling competitions take place indoors. In 2024, the Federation changed it’s name to World Curling.