Thursday, June 4, 2020

New rules may help restaurants’ reopenings

Members of the Plymouth City Commission approved a Social District Designation last week that will allow the expansion of outdoor restaurant patios on public areas June 8 when the state Stay at Home orders expire and restaurants are allowed to serve dine-in customers. The designation would allow restaurants to use the additional public space until Nov. 1.
The city will be designating parking spaces in front of restaurants for use by the establishments to increase seating capacity and allow for social distancing next week.

Restaurant owners will need to apply with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to be allowed to serve alcohol in the newly-designated areas.  The process is being streamlined by the Michigan Liquor License Control Commission. Owners must apply for this license to take advantage of future opportunities to expand patio seating into public spaces. To apply visit:,4601,7-154-89505-529626--,00.html.
As part of the plan, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will be working with GraphX to make covers for the necessary 8-feet-by 5-feet city barricades that will be used to designate the street cafes.
The DDA is suggesting restaurant owners purchase one or more covers to designate their business.
The DDA was able to secure a reduced price of $135 per banner which can be used all season.
To order the covers, visit the DDA website.