Thursday, June 25, 2020

Westland to ‘clean up’ language in massage parlor city ordinance

Massage parlors in Westland will soon face much stricter regulations and requirements according to revisions proposed for licensing in the city.
Members of the Westland City Council approved several amendments related to the regulation of massage parlors during the June 15 meeting. The changes follow a moratorium prohibiting any new massage parlors and other new massage type activities from opening in the city. Council members are expected to review a request to rescind the moratorium at the July 6 meeting.

“The moratorium was imposed to give us time to modify the ordinances to better regulate massage parlors during a period of time when we saw an influx in requests for these establishments,” commented Moe Ayoub, Westland planning director.
The amendments and modifications to the licensing requirements will aid in the further enforcement of the Massage Therapists Act and prevent illegal massage, human trafficking, prostitution and related crimes without hindering legitimate massage establishments and their massage therapists.
The Michigan Legislature declared that the practice of massage therapy is an activity affecting the public interest and public health, safety, and welfare. The Massage Therapists Act, MCL 333.17951, et seq. was enacted to prohibit an individual from engaging in the practice of massage therapy or using certain titles without being licensed under the Public Health Code; to establish minimum educational and experience standards for licensure; and to require continuing education courses as a condition for license renewal.
The proposed amendments to the licensing code will include, officials said, a clean up of the existing licensing code for massage parlors; defining massage establishments and providing for exemptions to the Special Land Use and licensing requirements for specific uses, and the addition of requirements and regulations for applications, licenses and operations.