Thursday, June 11, 2020

Recreational marijuana licenses considered in Wayne

Recreational marijuana licenses may soon be available in the City of Wayne.
Officials instructed the city attorney to research the particulars of drafting an ordinance allowing the eight medicinal marijuana license holders in the city to apply for licenses to also sell the drug for recreational uses.
The council voted to explore the possible sale by a 5-2 vote following a report by city Planning Director Lori Gouin who said the city could realize extra revenue by allowing the recreational sales.

A representative from one of the current establishments, Wayne Releaf, told the council members that during the first week the business operated with curbside pickup only, they turned away about 100 potential customers who wanted to purchase recreational marijuana. 
“Why would we want them going to Inkster or Westland to spend their money if we can provide them an opportunity to do business right here in their own city?” Gouin said during the May 19 meeting. She said that all eight of the current licensees in the city said they would apply for a recreational sales license. She said allowing the recreational sales could bring an additional $40,000 to the city in fees.
Councilman Philip Wagner said he was aware of the reasons to favor recreational marijuana sales in the city but that he could not vote in favor of the recreational sales.
Members of the planning commission recommended that only those facilities that currently have medicinal licenses to sell the substance should be able to apply for a license to sell it for recreational purposes.
Councilman Anthony Miller was in favor of the proposal and suggested the anticipated revenue from fees could be used to pay the city debts and that members of the council should vote as representatives of the residents, not based on their own personal beliefs.
The two no votes were cast by Wagner and Councilwoman Kelly Skiff.