Thursday, June 11, 2020

Sumpter trustees OK new Concast internet contract

Members of the Sumpter Township Board of Trustees agreed last week to an upgrade to the current Comcast system at township hall and in other township buildings.
The new agreement, unanimously approved by the board members in attendance, will cost the township $1,400 per month for 60 months. Township Finance Director Michelle Cole told the board members that the new system will allow the township to have fiber optics which, she said, is “the way to go.”

Cole said that Comcast is investing $30,000 in the area and that the new system will provide a dedicated line of service and that Comcast will monitor the system for any problems and necessary service rather than the township having to report problems.
“In addition,” Cole said, “the new system will allow for the connection of all township buildings and all departments will be connected in a fully-integrated system.” The current system requires individual remote log-ins, which Cole explained the new system will eliminate.
“An additional benefit is that it is more secure,” she said of the new fiber optic service. “This is the optimal time to move forward,” she said. “This will also save us about $24,000 a year as we can switch from the Verizon service.”
Following the 60-months, or 5-years of payments on the new system, it will belong to the township, she said.
Trustee Matt Oddy said he felt that this was a favorable move for the township and would “move us into the 21st century.” He also said that with the savings projected from the move from Verizon, there could be a $20,000 annual savings to the township.
“This will strengthen our internet service and introduce fiber to Sumpter Township. It will also now allow Comcast to install more fiber throughout the township,” Cole said.
In addition, the board members approved the purchase of two police interceptor vehicles from Atchinson Ford at a price of $81,282.22. The funding will come from the approved police budget, officials noted.
Members of the board also cancelled the June 9 and June 29 meetings due to the continuing stay-home orders from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.
Treasurer Kenneth Bednark and Trustee Don Swinson were absent from the meeting.