Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Historical board seeking members

The Canton Historical Society, a volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation of local historical information and resources in the township, is currently accepting letters of interest to fill three board member positions.  
The Canton Historical Society offers valuable opportunities for individuals interested in helping keep the history of Canton alive.  Once appointed, these new board members will begin a three-year term starting in 2020. 

“The Canton Historical Society is looking forward to welcoming new board members to help safeguard Canton's historical identity and build on all of the educational and preservation successes that our organization has achieved to date,” said Bill Tesen, Canton Historical Society president.  “It's important to continually integrate fresh ideas to help effectively retain Canton's rich past for future generations to come.”
Canton Historical Society board members will help with the preservation of artifacts, relics, documents and historic sites. The society will provide historical education to both the members and the public through educational, cultural, social programs and projects.

Interested individuals should contact Tesen via email to no later than Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2019.