Friday, September 6, 2019

Winning lottery ticket sold in city

A lottery ticket sold at the Wayne Med Mart on South Wayne Road in Westland was worth $4 million.
The ticket holder, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was stunned when he realized he has won with the Millionaire's Club instant game ticket.
“I bought two tickets, and moved to the side of the counter to scratch them off,” said the 34-year-old player. “Normally, I scratch the full ticket before looking at the prizes, but when I saw the money symbol I figured I only won the one prize, so I scratched it off.

“As soon as I saw '4MIL' my heart sank and I felt sick. I tucked the ticket away, grabbed some cash from my pocket to give to the clerk, and went home.”
The player recently visited lottery headquarters to claim his prize. He chose to receive his prize as a one-time lump sum payment of about $2.5 million, rather than an annuity for the full amount. With his winnings, he plans to take his family on a vacation and then invest the remainder.
Players won more than $148 million playing Millionaire's Club, which launched in June 2017. Each $30 ticket offered players a chance to win prizes ranging from $30 up to $4 million.