Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Belleville DPW director is named as interim city manager

The scheduled public meeting of candidates to become the new Belleville city manager last week was cancelled as there were no candidates to meet.
Interviews for four potential candidates by the city council members were also cancelled and officials named Department of Public Works Director Rick Rutherford to serve in an interim capacity while the search continues.

Mayor Kerreen Conley said the plan of the city is to hire an interim city manager and candidates for that position had until last Friday to apply for the job. Rutherford will assume the acting city manager responsibilities in place of Police Chief Hal Berriman, who retired Jan. 31. City Manager Diana Kollmeyer retired Feb. 3.
Officials noted at the meeting last week that they are required to name an acting city manager. Conley said the city would try not to leave Rutherford in the position for too long, noting that he is overloaded with responsibilities now.
In response to a comment from the audience regarding any salary increase for Rutherford in light of his new responsibilities, Kollmeyer responded that there has never been an extra stipend for those serving in an interim or acting capacity in the city manager's job.
“He is required to be available 24/7 but as DPW chief, he is required that now,” she said.
Conley said officials would come up with a salary adjustment for consideration by the council members at the Feb. 3 meeting.