Thursday, February 27, 2020

New police chief is named

David Robinson, the former City of Dearborn Deputy Chief of Police, has been named as the new part-time chief in Belleville.
Robinson retired from Dearborn in July, 2019, after 30 years with the police department. His new position with Belleville will become official following a background check and the finalization of the contract details.   

Following his retirement, he served with the Wayne County Mediation Services dispute resolution center and has been the interim director of the non-profit group for four months.
 “My calling and passion is law enforcement,” he told the members of the city council. “That's what I'm good at. When the opportunity came up here, it was almost perfect. Too perfect.”
 “We need people to trust us,” he said. “Building trust is paramount in a police department. Police work is a calling and a passion, not a job.”