Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Fire department upgrades OK’d

Members of the Northville City Council approved the second phase of upgrades to equipment for the fire department during their regular meeting earlier this month.
The department will purchase turn-out gear including 60 helmets with the fire department shield painted on them and 80 pairs of gloves. The items are being purchased for a total cost of $22,307 from Dinges Fire Co. The expense for the helmets was $14,037, Detroit Shields will be paid $30 each for painted metal helmet shields and Phoenix Safety Outfitters will charge $74 per pair of gloves.

On a prior acquisition of 77 new Motorola radios purchased through a federal grant in December, a one-time activation fee is required, which was not covered by the grant, according to officials. City council members approved payment of $250 per radio, $19,250 total to Michigan Public Safety Communications System, which maintains the network of infrastructure for digital communications statewide.