Thursday, February 27, 2020

City traffic stop ends with officer’s generous deed

Westland resident LaVonte Dell got quite a surprise when he was recently stopped by a police officer who noticed the heavy tint on his car windows. Dell posted his experience on his social media page and explained that after the police officer checked his license and registration he walked back to the vehicle when he noticed Dell's daughter in the back seat without a car seat.
Ofc. Joshua Scaglione asked why the toddler was not in a mandated car seat and Dell said he explained that it had been a rough year financially for the family. “I told him I was barely making it,” Dell said in his post.

Scaglione ordered Dell to follow his patrol car and the pair ended up at Walmart on Ford Road where the officer “purchased my daughter a car seat with his own money.” Dell said he was in such a state of shock, he never looked at the officer's name tag and called the Westland Police Station in an attempt to find his benefactor.
Dell said when he thanked the officer, Scaglione replied that he was just doing his job. “What good would giving you a ticket do besides putting you further in the hole making it harder on you to come up,” Dell quoted the officer as saying.
“I told him I never met an officer like you,” Dell said.
Shortly after Dell’s media post, the Westland Police Department identified the officer involved in the incident.
“The Westland Police Department would like to express how proud we are of the officer responsible, Ofc. Joshua Scaglione. We would also like to thank the driver, LaVonte Dell for coming forward and sharing this experience with us. In a world filled with negative stories, the fact that you shared yours has had an unbelievably positive impact on all of us. Thank you,” the post read.