Thursday, October 13, 2022

‘Max’ officially joins police force

Max, the new Northville Township
Police therapy dog, meets a very
young admirer under the
watchful eye of his new
handler, Community Service
Officer Andrew Domzalski. 
After receiving nearly 600 name suggestions in four days, the new Northville Township Police Department support dog will be named…Max.

It's a fitting name for the 19-week-old male Goldendoodle. Max, of Latin origin, means “the greatest,” officials said.

“We have had less than a week together but he's already the greatest little buddy our community could have,” said Community Service Officer Andrew Domzalski, who is now Max's handler. The puppy accompanies him to work daily and heads home with him after hours. Name suggestions, which came in via email and social media were narrowed down to the top 10 favorites. After much discussion, police department members reduced the list to their top five favorites. That list was given to Domzalski who had the responsibility of choosing the new 'officer's” name, since he would be living with and training the puppy. Max became part of his family Sept. 27.

Possibilities on the short list included: Kevin, Max, Chase, Fozzy, Buddy and Teddy. 

Max, the new therapy dog, makes himself at home
at Northville Township Hall.
“Max suits him,” Domzalski said. “He's the perfect dog for our community. Max is gentle with a calm temperament, making him a great fit for the job he'll be doing.  He naturally brings a smile to your face when you meet him.”

Max, who begins support dog training in November, will be responsible for providing comfort and aid for people during times of crisis, particularly violent or traumatic events. He will also be trained to reduce anxiety and increase communication between witnesses and investigators, whether they are adults or children. His job is to be an ambassador for community policing, officials said.

On his first day “on the job,” Domzalski took Max to Winchester Elementary School and to Northville Township Hall. On day two, he welcomed students attending the Northville High School Everybody vs. Stigma Week in recognition of National Suicide Prevention Month. 

“We heard from so many people in our community and beyond, all with some excellent name ideas,” said Northville Township Police Chief Scott Hilden. “We appreciate their creativity, their fun stories, their tributes. We look forward to introducing him to our entire community.”

To learn more about the name choice, visit the announcement video at https://www.facebook. com/TwpNorthville.