Thursday, October 6, 2022

Repairs under way at Plymouth city parking deck

One of the most popular parking spots in the City of Plymouth is undergoing a much-needed facelift this month.

According to city officials, work on the Central Parking Deck in downtown Plymouth was expected to begin this week with initial survey work and equipment staging. Construction, officials said, will follow the preparatory work and was expected to begin late this week. Exact schedules were dependent on the weather, officials said. 

Repairs will be made to areas of the deck drainage system, the pedestrian bridge to Main Street and the steel stairwell on the east side of the structure. Repairs will continue through early November, officials from the Downtown Development Authority said.

The repair work will sporadically limit access from the second level of the parking deck to either the pedestrian bridge or the stairs. Visitors using the upper level of the parking deck will be required to use the western stairwell near the medical center building. The medical center, however, is required to close the elevators after business hours so individuals with disabilities are cautioned not to use the upper level of the parking deck between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. Monday through Saturday and all day on Sunday while the pedestrian bridge is closed for repairs.

Officials said plans include making additional handicap parking spaces available on the lower level during the construction project. They added that signage regarding the temporary handicap spaces will be posted inside the parking structure.  

The Fleet Street alley near the pedestrian bridge and stairwell may be closed intermittently during the project. Officials said only minimal impact on parking is expected during the construction project, but motorists may find the alley blocked at times. 

Closure details and times will be posted and DDA officials suggested accessing the Downtown Plymouth Michigan entries on Facebook or visiting www.downtownplymouht. org for updates. More information is available at