Thursday, October 6, 2022

Planning for essential services complex begins

Northville Township officials are taking the advice of professionals in their plans for a future essential services complex for the community.

The new complex will be located in Legacy Park and will include a second fire station, a new Public Safety Headquarters, new headquarters for the Public Works Department and provide storage for  Parks and Recreation Department equipment.

Officials stressed that the new building would be constructed without any new tax burden on resident or businesses in the township. 

The new additions at Legacy Park will, according to studies by outside consultants, improve service delivery to residents. Township officials authorized independent municipal government experts to determine the feasibility of the future plans. The studies, officials said, concluded that the construction of the new public services complex to accommodate current needs was more cost effective than remodeling or renovating current buildings. Experts determined that the plan for new centralized offices would provide long-term benefits to the community.

The multi-year project is in the early stages of design and planning with an anticipated ground breaking in late summer/early fall of 2023, officials said. In addition, the property at Legacy Park will accommodate an additional elevated water tower within the township system. This translates to significant savings on future water costs, officials said. The planned 500,000 gallon tank will decrease peak water demands in the township, which will result in significant cost savings through the Great Lakes Water Authority rate methodology.

The tank will be completed in 2024. In 2022, members of the township board of trustees approved the construction of the new water tower at a total cost of $8,126,303. Funding for the project will be from budget fund reserves. Officials said the second tower has been in the planning stage for many years.