Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Inkster sets citizens’ meeting

The first meeting of the mayor's policy working groups in Inkster is set for 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 15 at the Dozier Recreation Center.
According to Dennis Black, a senior advisor in the mayor's office, the meeting is part of the mayor's policy working effort to ensure transparency and public involvement in city government.

Black, who will facilitate the meeting, said that the city position is that all city government affects citizens who should have input into any ordinances or legislative changes.
“This is an effort to ensure that the residents, affected by the city policies, have input into those policies,” Black said. “The city policies will come from the citizens participating in these workshops.”
This is the first such meeting and during the session chairmen of the respective groups will be selected he said. Current groups include; Housing; Education; Workforce Development; Economic Development, Criminal Justice Reform; Energy Production and Information Technology.
“If we have citizens who are most passionate about specific topics, that is where they can influence policy,” he said.
We're Moving Inkster Forward, Together is the working phrase for the groups, Black said.
To register for the meeting, call (313) 768-6071.
The Dozier Recreation Center is located at 2025 Middlebelt Road in Inkster and the meeting will take place in the multi-purpose room.