Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Legislator speaks to Rotary club

Julie Brown
Staff Writer

State Rep. Kevin Coleman, who represents both Wayne and Westland in the Michigan Legislature, said he is well aware that Michigan roads are in bad shape. Coleman, a freshman Democrat, told Westland Rotarians recently an “us vs. them” mentality between metropolitan Detroit and the rest of Michigan is part of the problem.
Rotarian John Albrecht pointed out how much better roads are in northern Michigan. Coleman, a former Westland City Council member and first-term state representative, noted a budget stalemate in Lansing, partly due to partisan differences.

He has worked with former State Rep. Bob Kosowski, a Westland Democrat, and others to understand budget issues. Coleman said, “I'm not big on tax credits” which he believes can unfairly benefit businesses. He found the Federal-Mogul situation different which prompted him to write that for his first bill.
Coleman noted the Federal-Mogul firm went through business transition. Tenneco bought Federal-Mogul with a split into two companies.
Coleman believes that transaction benefited Michigan both with jobs and money “and made sure the company that's based in Michigan would be able to collect.”
With some state legislators away Up North for hunting, Coleman, not among them, said he wishes to help the Wayne-Westland Community Schools more in the coming months.
Coleman noted his and others' concerns as well about money and services for Michigan children with autism. Coleman  taught music to autistic children.