Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Superintendent receives high marks, raise

Superintendent Pete Kudlak
Van Buren Public Schools Superintendent Pete Kudlak went to the top of the class with the high marks he received on his evaluation from the members of the board of education.
Members of the board rated Kudlak's performance during the past year as “highly effective” the highest rating possible. They also approved a year-long contract extension and an increase in salary to $154,000 annually. 

The salary increase will become effective in July 2020 according the contract and is a $12,000 increase from the $142,000 he was awarded last year during his evaluation when he received a rating of “effective” from the board members.
The decision and evaluation took place in a closed session of the board members. Board president Keith Johnston said, however, that Kudlak's community relations were excellent and that he had proven himself as fiscally responsible, noting that the district will add $800,000 to the fund balance this year under Kudlak's supervision.
Johnston also noted that the district had not “given” Kudlak anything and that the superintendent, who has held the position since 2016, has “earned everything he;d gotten.”
He also noted that there have been no lawsuits, attorney fees have been reduced and that Kudlak is making strides in improving district-wide test scores.