Thursday, February 18, 2021

Playing it safe

Council members provide supplies to girls’ team

Members of the Romulus High School girls basketball team celebrate the donation
of masks, wipes and hand sanitizer received from Councilmember Tina Talley,
 left, and Councilmember Kathy Abdo, far right.

Members of the girls basketball teams at Romulus High School scored a few points against the COVID-19 virus recently.

The young athletes received a donation of personal protection supplies and equipment (PPE) from Councilwomen Tina Talley and Kathy Abdo which will allow them to practice and compete in games safety during the pandemic. Talley and Abdo personally donated enough masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to keep the players safe during the upcoming season.

Abdo, who retired from her 40-year teaching career at Romulus High School in 2017, said she was happy to be able to help the team.

“I stay involved with the school and volunteer whenever I can,” she said, “I help with the National Honor Society and whatever else I can do.”

Romulus City Councilwomen Tina Talley, right, and
Kathy Abdo, left, display some of the Personal Protection
Equipment they recently donated to the Romulus
High School girls basketball team
to grateful coach Paris McCarthy.
Talley contacted Abdo when she realized she had missed the deadline to donate to the team fundraiser this year.

“I called coach Paris McCarthy and asked her what I could do and she said what she needed was PPE for the girls.”

Well aware of Abdo's volunteer work at the school, Talley discussed the need with her fellow city councilmember and the two decided to personally donate the needed supplies for the girls.

Abdo said it was close to her heart as McCarthy is a former student of hers.

“She's a wonderful person and was a wonderful student,” Abdo recalled. The donated supplies will help keep about 30 varsity and junior varsity players, coaches and other staff members safe during the upcoming season.

This is the second effort at protecting the public for Talley who helped deliver nearly 4,000 masks to residents throughout the city through her affiliation with the Ministerial Alliance and the Romulus Fire Department.

Wayne County was providing masks to those in need and the Romulus Fire Department obtained more than 3,000 of them for city residents. Talley helped coordinate delivery of the masks to local churches where they were given to parishioners. Following the first donation, the fire department staff obtained more masks from the county and those, too, were distributed through city churches.

“We've got to stay safe,” Talley, who has repeatedly urged residents to stay safe during council meetings, said.

And, “Go Eagles,” the two agreed.