Thursday, February 25, 2021

Walk and Roll

Westland to establish pedestrian accessibility action committee

Westland officials are on a roll attempting to develop a bicycle and pedestrian action plan for the city.

The plan, called Walk and Roll Westland, is an effort to identify how to better connect residents with areas of high demand, including areas of commercial activity and city recreational amenities. 

As a part of the planning process, the city will establish a steering committee which will help to brainstorm ideas, gather input, review data and identify priority biking and walking routes. 

“This plan will represent the most detailed non-motorized planning efforts yet by the city,” commented Mayor William R. Wild. “The steering committee will play an essential role in creating the plan which builds on previous non-motorized planning efforts conducted as a part of the city's 2017 Master Plan.”

During the past few years, the City of Westland has started to build awareness around bicycling and pedestrian safety and has start implementing more bicycling facilities, officials said. However, a more defined framework plan is needed to guide Westland in project implementation, they added. The city would like to develop a Bike Network Vision Plan that identifies the routes most needed in the community. The plan will focus on identifying corridors to better connect the city via non-motorized routes. The overall goal is to identify and implement routes that connect to both Hines Drive and the park system along the Rouge River, as well as the Lower Rouge trail and park system in the City of Wayne. Safe, comfortable, and convenient non-motorized facilities will help connect residents to schools, parks, jobs, recreation opportunities, and other amenities in the community, officials said.

Steering Committee members will be asked to join representatives from the administration, key community stakeholders, as well as appointed and elected officials in attending four meetings throughout this year. 

OHM Advisors will facilitate the planning process and plan creation of the Walk and Roll Westland. In November of 2020, the City of Westland was awarded a Planning Assistance Grant from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) in the amount of $32,740. The total cost of the project will total $40,000 with the remaining $7,260 being paid for from the Westland general fund. 

Anyone interested in serving on the Walk and Roll Westland Steering Committee or who would like more information, can contact Nicole Jones in the planning department at (734)467-9342.