Thursday, February 11, 2021

Witness to road rage shooting suffers gunshot to knee

Police continue to investigate what may have been a road rage incident last Friday that left a witness with a gunshot wound to the knee.

The investigation into the incident is continuing and police have asked anyone with any information about the identities of those involved to contact them at (734) 287-5000.

The incident began, according to police accounts, at around 2:50 p.m. Feb. 5 on eastbound I-94 and Vining Road when Michigan State Troopers responded to a phone report of a shooting in the area. When troopers arrived on the scene, they discovered a vehicle struck by several rounds of ammunition and an individual suffering a gunshot wound to the knee.

Troopers interviewed the driver of the vehicle in which the passenger was wounded who told them that a brown car driven by a Black woman was involved in some kind of traffic altercation with a maroon vehicle on the roadway. The witness told officers that the woman in the brown car produced a handgun and began shooting at the other driver in the maroon vehicle.

The witness was in the third vehicle, traveling on the roadway and not involved in the apparent dispute. That vehicle was struck by multiple rounds, wounding the front-seat passenger in the knee. The driver of that vehicle immediately drove to the side of the road and made the call to police.

 Troopers from the Metro South post administered first aid to the injured passenger who was then transported to Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn and was reported to be in stable condition, police said.