Thursday, May 5, 2022

City OK’s new medical care facility for elderly

They are picking up the PACE in Westland where a site plan for 35 attached ranch homes and a facility which includes a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) was recently approved by members of the city council.

The site plan includes property between the 23-acre site of the Presbyterian Village buildings on Cherry Hill Road and the city-owned Mack Mayfield golf course where the ranch homes will be constructed. 

The proposed PACE facility will be constructed at a former TCF Bank building east of the new homes. Developers said the ranch homes will be designed for those who can still live on their own, without specialized care.

The PACE building, which will be operated in partnership with Henry Ford Health, will provide help to those on Medicare or Medicaid in finding or accessing medical care, prescriptions, home and hospital care. Officials from Presbyterian Village said the site should be open later this year and is a stopgap measure for individuals to safety delay moving into a nursing home by providing help in finding care.   

There are currently 15 PACE facilities in the state, all outside the metropolitan area. 

Kevin Petru, director of real estate development for Presbyterian Villages of Michigan told the council members that the new facility would be “an asset to the community. “We're looking forward to having it to help serve the needs of older adults,” he said.