Thursday, May 12, 2022

Council OK’s use of federal recovery funding

Members of the Westland City Council unanimously approved the proposed spending of funds received as a part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

The councilmembers voted to accept the plan of Mayor William R. Wild  during the April 18 council meeting. The first allocation of $13 million has already been awarded to the city and a second allocation of $13 million is expected this month. 

Council approved funding of  $5 million for general fund support spread over three years (recovery of lost revenue associated with the pandemic); $3.5 million for public safety and public service vehicles and equipment; $1.5 million for affordable housing and senior care through collaboration with Presbyterian Village of Michigan; $1.25 million for building and property improvements at the police department, golf course, and ice arena; $450,000 for Central City Park pond improvements; $400,000 for the purchase of residential basement flooding mitigation equipment; $350,000 for 'Hero Pay' for all full-time employees (excluding elected officials); $300,000 for the purchase of a tree truck/chipper to be used for power outage mitigation and $200,000 for public broadband infrastructure in city parks.

Officials said that all required city procurement policies and procedures will be required for each expense. An expense reconciliation will be provided to members of the city council for each item or expense when the purchase is complete, delivered and the expense paid. 

“The council has been working diligently with administration to strategically allocate this once-in-a-lifetime funding. The first traunch underscores our commitment to the city, its residents, its employees, and our future,” said James Hart, president of the Westland City Council. 

“I believe these projects are good uses of this one-time funding and will continue our efforts to improve city assets and strengthen city services,” said Mayor William R. Wild. 

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