Thursday, May 12, 2022

Plymouth police adopt new body cameras

The Plymouth Police Department has gone LIVE with body cameras and a new in-car video system from Bodyworn by Utility.

 A new video system has been installed in each patrol vehicle and each officer has been issued a body camera, officials said. Training on the use and operation of the system began last week and is continuing.

 The body cameras and the in-car video system will all interact with the Dispatch Center to automatically activate under certain conditions allowing the officer to focus on tactics and techniques that will keep them safe, according to a prepared statement from city officials.

The cameras are all high definition and provide excellent video footage. This will provide greater transparency to the public and protection against false accusations for the officer.

 While the police department has had in-car video systems for nearly 19 years, this is the first time the department has deployed body cameras. Officials said that what some people might call a delay in the department moving to the body camera platform was more a matter of timing and opportunity. 

“Specifically, it provided time for our most recent video platform to reach end of life and for the State of Michigan to better address the privacy issues that surround the release of information regarding video captured on the body cameras in very private places and circumstances,” according to the statement. 

“Law enforcement is constantly evolving and rapidly moving forward in a variety of ways to provide the public with better customer service. Technology is one of those ways, and we are excited to continue our forward momentum,” the statement concluded.