Thursday, May 12, 2022

Northville honored as 5-star business community

Todd Mutchler
Northville Township successfully contributes to Michigan's entrepreneurial growth and economic development, according to the annual eCities study conducted by researchers at iLabs, University of Michigan-Dearborn Center for Innovation Research. Northville Township was recently honored as a five-star community along with 97 other communities across the state.

“Our core purpose is to connect, engage and serve the community and that includes our healthy business community,” said Township Manager and Director of Public Safety Todd Mutchler. “We are grateful for the businesses that chose to locate in Northville Township and we are here to help their companies and their employees thrive.” 

Mutchler said Northville Township officials are proud of retaining the low tax rate while delivering  “top-notch services.” Township economic development professionals are quick to offer assistance to any business and will help with site selection, expansion needs, navigating financial assistance, Fast Track zoning and accelerating the permit process, Mutchler added.

Northville Township also harnesses technology to deliver service, so permits, licenses and the like may be applied for and paid online, so busy professionals may knock these tasks off their to-do list remotely, noted Township Supervisor Mark J. Abbo.  

“Going the extra mile is something we firmly believe in,” Mutchler said. “By delivering exceptional public services in a professional, responsible manner, we enhance the quality of life and the overall experience of businesses who locate here.”

The eCities study analyzed publicly available data from 277 communities from 54 counties in Michigan. Researchers focused on the five-year changes in property values, community assets, and tax rates, which can demonstrate the growth, investments, and cost of doing business within the community. For example, over the five-year period of 2016-2020, these communities increased their capital assets by an average of 2.9 percent per year by investments such as park facilities, water and sewer infrastructure projects, and emergency vehicles, while property tax rates increased by less than 3 percent on average per year.

Although accounting for less than 20 percent of Michigan cities and townships, the 277 communities analyzed are home to 71 percent of the state population and 86 percent of state commercial property. 

“Each year, the eCities project aims to highlight the successes and continued commitment of cities and townships to grow business and support entrepreneurship within their communities,” said Kari Kowalski, iLabs project manager.