Thursday, May 26, 2022

Northville Township reduces trash fees by 8%

At a time when costs are rising on nearly all goods, Northville Township residents will pay a bit less for trash collection.

During a special meeting May 12, the Northville Township Board of Trustees approved a 5-year contract with the current rubbish hauler that will provide residents with an 8-percent reduction in refuse collection fees and increase the frequency of recycling collection.

 “With gas over $4 a gallon, prices at the grocery store on the rise, and interest rates increasing, we are excited to announce that we were able to save our residents 3 percent on their solid waste bill,” said Northville Township Supervisor Mark J. Abbo. “Also, in year five of the new contract, our residents will still be paying less for trash collection than they are today. This is a big win for our residents.”

In March, the Township Public Services Department advertised a bid for the residential solid waste collection, recycling and composting program. Three service providers responded, and GFL Environmental bid was the lowest of the three, dropping residents' fees from $14 per month to $12.90. 

“GFL's bid was not only the lowest, but added recycling pick up from bi-weekly to weekly,” added Treasurer Jason Rhines. “In addition to picking up recycling weekly, GFL will offer a recycling rewards program to encourage residents to recycle more waste.”  

Using the GFL Reward for Recycling program, a resident puts out the recycling to be collected, logs into an online account and clicks the “Report Recycling” button. As an active recycler, GFL will offer savings and prizes, including reusable grocery totes, backpacks, gift cards and more. Participants may receive $300-$400 in savings each year, GFL representatives said.

“Although we are currently in court with GFL regarding the landfill, GFL's weekly trash collection service to our residents has been unaffected,” said Abbo. “A top priority of the township board continues to be resolving our concerns with the landfill. This contract does not affect our resolve. What this contract will do, however, is provide our residents with a reduction in cost as well as increased services.”

Last month the board of trustees also announced a 3-percent reduction in water and sewer fees.  

Reduced water and sewer rates, and the reduction in rubbish collection fees, will go into effect in July.