Thursday, May 19, 2022

Police chief corrects township newsletter content

Director of Public Safety Eric Luke 
The safety tips included in the recent edition of the Sumpter Township Newsletter prompted a quick response from Sumpter Township Director of Public Safety and Police Chief Eric Luke.

Luke told the members of the township board of trustees during their recent meeting that an article in the newsletter which included the safety advice was not written by him.

“It was not written by me. I never saw it and I would never present such information,” he said.

He said that the information was something a township employee found on a computer originally printed in 2007. “It was a lazy copy of a 1997 web page.”

Luke said he was not attempting to criticize anyone but he wanted to make it very clear that the advice purported to have come from him was more than 25 years old and probably designed for residents of a large city.

“The advice might still be relevant to someone living in a big city like Chicago but not of much value to someone here in Sumpter.  I believe the article suggested people should live in fear and that is not the reality of living in the township,” Luke said. 

“I believe in relevant and timely information and I believe if someone was reading this they would wonder if the chief has lost touch with Sumpter Township.

“I assure you, he hasn't,” Luke concluded.