Thursday, November 23, 2023

Commissioners choose new mayor

Suzi Deal
The City of Plymouth has a new mayor.

Following the official swearing in of the top vote getters in the Nov. 7 election, members of the commission chose Suzi Deal as the new mayor during their first official meeting last week.

Deal, who received the lowest total of the top four vote getters during the Nov. 7 election, will serve a two-year term which will expire in November of 2025. She received 16 percent of the vote with a total of 1,324. Deal, an incumbent, has served on the commission for eight years. 

The top vote getter, Kelly O'Donnell, was chosen by her fellow commission members to serve as mayor pro tem. O'Donnell received 18 percent of the votes with 1,533. Her four-year term will expire in November of 2027. 

Voters also chose Linda Filipczak to serve as a city commissioner for a four-year term which will expire in November 2027. Filipczak garnered 16 percent of the voting total with 1,336 votes. 

Brock Minton, with a total of 1,421 votes, or 17 percent of the total, will serve a four-year term on the commission which will expire in November of 2027.

The remaining commissioners include Jennifer Kehoe whose term expires in 2025;  Alanna Maguire, whose term also expires in 2025 and former Mayor Nick Moroz, whose term expires in 2025.