Thursday, November 9, 2023

State forgives Inkster School District debt

Inkster property owners received an early holiday gift last week when state legislators agreed to forgive $12.12 million in school district tax debt.

The Michigan State Senate approved House Bill 4292, budget supplemental legislation that included the $12.12 million the former Inkster School District debt. As a result of the state action, Inkster residents are currently paying 13 mills, plus interest, on the dissolved district remaining school debt, which was not slated to be paid off until the year 2032. By eliminating the remaining debt, all Inkster residents will see a significant property tax reduction. By  forgiveness of the district debt, Inkster residents will be paying between zero mills and 8 mills (at most) of debt, depending on which of four neighboring school districts their children actually attend. 

“Ten years since the state dissolved their district, Inkster residents-and my constituents-are still paying exorbitant taxes on the remaining debt for a school district that their kids cannot attend,” said Sen. Dayna Polehanki. “My constituents in Inkster need this relief. They deserve this relief. I have been fighting for years to give it to them, and today, I am proud to help deliver it.” 

The bill approved last week provides legacy debt relief for Inkster and several other school districts that have been subject to financial emergency management, consolidation, or dissolution. The City of Inkster school district was dissolved by the State of Michigan in 2013 for financial reasons under Gov. Rick Snyder.