Thursday, November 2, 2023

Vistatech facility now open at Schoolcraft College

 The $11 million renovation of the Vistatech Center at Schoolcraft College provides an area where students and community members can gather to eat, work, play, learn and do business together, a college spokesman said. 

The center now provides a technology-rich venue for business gatherings, corporate events, dynamic learning, cutting-edge training, and culinary arts education - a first-of-its-kind in higher education, a college official said. 

"The Vistatech Center embodies Schoolcraft's vision of pushing boundaries and embracing innovation," said Dr. Glenn Cerny, president of Schoolcraft College. "This architectural marvel is not just a space, but a force that will drive our community toward a brighter future." 

Designed not just for students and faculty at Schoolcraft College but also as a resource for area residents,the Vistatech Center is the hub of the Schoolcraft culinary school and the site of master chef exams offered in the United States. 

Central to the revamp are three culinary establishments: American Harvest Restaurant, Main Street Café and The Craft Grille, where students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience by working under the supervision of talented chefs within the culinary department. 

In addition to culinary experience, the Main Street Cafe and The Craft Grille also feature award-winning craft beers created by the Brewing and Distillation Technology program. 

The Vistatech Center also includes the Collaborative Learning Studio with studio seating, a flight of video screens and a demonstration kitchen available to rent for corporate events and repurposed by students and staff. The center also features state-of-the-art telecommunications technology, flexible furniture configurations, on-site catering services and some of the  most advanced instructional kitchens in the nation, officials said. 

The adaptable space can accommodate various corporate events. Operating seven days a week, the Vistatech Center will serve students and the community while providing a non-traditional revenue source that helps keep Schoolcraft tuition rates competitive, they added. 

The renovation is part of Cerny and the board of trustees' broader vision for the campus. In addition to the VisTaTech center, Schoolcraft has added to the campus a surgical-medical facility operated by Trinity Health, a sports performance facility sponsored by Trinity Health, and a manufacturing company (Masco Corp.) - all offering learning and employment opportunities for Schoolcraft students while generating non-traditional revenue for the college and serving residents of Southeast Michigan, a spokesman said. 

The Vistatech Center is open to the public. 

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