Thursday, November 30, 2023

New economic development director is named

Rep. Alex Garza
In one of his first acts as mayor of Westland, Kevin Coleman appointed former State Rep. Alex Garza as the new Economic Development Director for the city.  Garza will play a pivotal part in driving economic growth, fostering community partnerships, and enhancing the overall business environment in Westland, according to an official statement from Coleman's office.

Garza holds degrees in Business Management, Political Science, and Public Policy. Garza served as both mayor pro-tem of the city of Taylor and as a state representative, where he played a pivotal role in shaping policies that positively impacted businesses and local communities, according to the prepared statement.

During his four years on the Michigan House of Representatives committees on Regulatory Reform and Local Government and Municipal Finance,  Garza worked towards streamlining regulations and creating an environment that makes it easier for businesses to interact with both state and local governments. His efforts have directly contributed to the growth and success of businesses across the state, the statement noted.

In his new capacity, Garza will collaborate with local businesses, community leaders, and government officials to implement strategic initiatives that align with the economic development goals of the city. His extensive knowledge of legislative processes and community engagement will be instrumental in attracting new businesses, fostering innovation, and strengthening the city's economic foundation, the prepared release said.

“We are thrilled to welcome Alex Garza to our team as the Economic Development Director. His proven track record and passion for fostering business-friendly environments, coupled with his local and state legislative experience, makes him the ideal choice to lead Westland towards a prosperous future. I look forward to the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on the economic landscape of our city,” said Coleman.

Garza expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity, stating, “I am honored to join the city of Westland as the Economic Development Director under the leadership of Mayor Coleman. I am committed to working collaboratively with the community and stakeholders to create an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, investment, economic prosperity, and business development. Together with the community, we will build a thriving and resilient economy for the benefit of all residents.” 

For more information, call (734) 467-3200.