Thursday, December 14, 2023

Elks Lodge moved to renovated hall

As the former site of the Plymouth-Ann Arbor Elks Lodge 325 on Ann Arbor Road has been leveled in preparation for the construction of homes, the new headquarters of the group on Ann Arbor Trail is a testament to the determination of the members.

The newly renovated 4,000 square foot lodge is in the former Airgas store at 110 Ann Arbor Trail. Lodge President Charley Dawson said he is proud of the new hall and the renovations made to the building. He said the new headquarters is a great place for the members to socialize and have meetings. The remodeling took nearly two years to complete. 

The new location which is just northwest of the intersection of Lilley and Ann Arbor Trail is "perfect" for the group, an Elks member noted. He added that the refurbished building is popular with the neighbors in the area. Membership, according to club officers, has increased since the move and the popularity of the new lounge area with big-screen TVs appeals to the new members as well as those who have been with the group for years.

The new space can be rented for events and can provide various size areas for specific needs, officers said.

Rental information is available on the Plymouth Elks Lodge website.