Thursday, December 28, 2023

SMART bus routes expanded

Traveling to some destinations in Romulus will become easier beginning Jan. 8 when SMART begins new stops in the community.

Beginning Monday, Jan. 8, route 280 Western Wayne will be serving new stops in the downtown Romulus area on weekdays. New key destinations include Romulus Public Library, 34th District Court, Wellesley Apartments, Metro Charter Academy, Romulus High School, Concentra Urgent Care, and Metro Airport Center. 

New extended weekday routing will include the regular northbound route to westbound Smith, right Vining, left first turnback to southbound Vining, right Goddard, right Wayne Road, right Ecorse and the regular route past Amazon to Old Redford. 

The southbound route will travel on Ecorse past Amazon, left Wayne Road, left Goddard, left Vining, right Smith, regular route to Evans Terminal, according to an official announcement from SMART officials. 

Weekday service is available every hour from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. although Saturday and Sunday service does not operate west of Vining, officials said. For more information, visit #Transit #WayneExpansion #SMARTMovesU