Thursday, December 14, 2023

Students seeking historic photos, speaker for project

Students at Wick Elementary School in Romulus are preparing for a trip into the past during a special celebration Dec. 20.

The 6th grade STEAM Academy is seeking local heroes and friends in the community to help provide information for a current research-based project focusing on the history, culture, and the people who make up Romulus.

The class is hosting guest panels of long-established community members to speak to the students about what brought families to Romulus. The purpose is to provide students with a  deeper level of understanding as to how the community came to be, as well as how and why things have changed, organizers said. 

The students would like to have a mix of community members to make up a panel of historians who will share their experiences. The students believe that the adults would feel less pressure if the guests were part of a panel, they could hear experiences from different perspectives, organizers noted. 

For example, there might be more than one person on the panel that grew up in the same neighborhood, but during different eras, or had completely different experiences. 

In addition, the students would also like to ask panel members questions.

The students are particularly interested in:

1. How did Romulus become a transportation megapolis? What are the pros and cons?

2. How has the airport and railroad development changed the landscape of Romulus?

3. How did Romulus contribute to the success of the Underground Railroad?

4. What types of employment are available in Romulus?

5. How have the schools changed over the years?

6. How did families get by during the Great Depression?

7. How do laws get changed in the city?

8. What types of jobs are exclusive to the city?

9. Personal, military, school, or family histories.

10. The history of city fire, police, and service organizations

11. How can the students become actively involved in the community?

For those unable to attend, organizers are seeking photos and artifacts. The students and educators have been combing through the past newspapers and yearbooks, but have not found many historic photos, the said.  

Anyone who may be willing to meet and share experiences with the students, is asked to contact or call (734) 532-1526

The student presentation is scheduled for 5 until 6:30 p.m. Dec. 20 at Wick Elementary School and will be open to the public.