Thursday, December 28, 2023

Warren Road ‘Underground Railroad’ house demolished

The historic two-story, red brick house at the corner of Warren and Morton Taylor roads in Canton Township was demolished last week and the last of the remains hauled from the site.

The 150-year-old home was a popular topic with Civil War history fans who suggested the house was a stop along the Underground Railroad used by runaway slaves fleeing the southern states and attempting to get to Canada. 

Circumstantial evidence of the home as part of the Underground Railroad has been discovered by Canton Township historian David Curtis who believes the home was a stop for slaves but, even after more than 200 hours of research, notes the claim cannot be proven by hard evidence.

According to Realtor Pat Ryan, the 1,652-square-foot home and the 3 acres of surrounding green space was sold in January. Ryan said he does not know what the new owner plans to do with the property.