Thursday, December 14, 2023

Top dog

The City of Wayne Police Department welcomed a new recruit last week with the arrival of K9 Tanner. The newest member of the department is partnered with Ofc. Ryan Caprathe. Tanner joined the department for on-the-job training in September and is now a full-fledged officer. The German Shepherd was born in Germany last May and he and Caprathe have completed three months of training that included tracking, evidence searching, narcotic detection, building searches, suspect apprehension, and obedience. The extensive training process allowed the new partners to bond and develop the necessary skills, officials said. Police Chief Ryan Strong said, “I am thrilled to have Tanner join our department. Officer Caprathe and K9 Tanner have worked very hard to complete their initial training. I appreciate their hard work and dedication to the program. I am proud to bring the K9 program back to the Wayne Police Department.”