Thursday, November 12, 2020

Cruelty charges against zoo owner are dismissed

Javon Stacks 
Javon Stacks will have another 300 or so mouths to feed this month.

More than 300 of about 600 animals seized by Romulus Police in a raid on a storefront last August will be returned to Stacks after a judge dismissed all charges against him. Stacks was originally charged with animal cruelty, abandonment and neglect of the animals which police found in the storefront following an anonymous tip.

Stacks was facing charges when more than 600 animals were found and confiscated by police, including six Flemish giant rabbits, three large iguanas, two kangaroos, a peacock, an Arctic fox and a 16-foot, 200-pound reticulated python along with more than 300 hedgehogs. The kangaroos, placed in the custody of the Detroit Zoo following the raid did not survive, along with about 300 of the other seized animals.

Stacks, 37, has defended himself against the charges consistently, claiming that he provided educational entertainment at schools to teach students about the animals and that he took very good care of them.

Stacks said that he simply wanted to get his animals back and begin to rebuild his life. “Now what I want to focus on is getting my animals back to my zoo safely with me, and start building my life back together,” he reportedly said. He told one local TV channel that he “felt great” and that he was “God blessed.”

Stacks said he is considering filing a legal claim for the value of the animals who died while in custody. He said more than 300 died after they were seized during the investigation. He also alleges that the tip which sent Romulus police to the storefront was called in by “a jealous guy, he wanted me out of business,” he said.