Thursday, November 5, 2020

Making strides

Bottle and can returns help fund cancer drive 


Jill Lezotte-Kates, of Wayne, right, and
Miranda Freed, bag and sort the mountains of cans
and bottles they have collected to help Making
Strides Against Breast Cancer. Lezotte-Kates and
Freed also support the effort through their Avon sales.
Jill Lezotte-Kates has a unique approach to help fund Making Strides Against Breast Cancer through Avon.

“My mother is a survivor. I want there to be a cure,” said Lezotte-Kates, a Westland Rotarian and Wayne resident. In addition to helping the cause through her Avon sales, she has returned a small mountain of cans and bottles as part of her fundraising too.

Avon is the National Presenting Sponsor for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Lezotte-Kates' mother lost her mother and a sister to breast cancer, and also has two additional sisters, while a brother and a niece  are survivors.

Lezotte-Kates said her fervent wish is for a cure “when and if me, my daughter or my granddaughter get breast cancer.” She took action as a fundraiser, including collecting the returnable cans and bottles.

She has returned $3,437 in bottles and cans with total contributions for 2020 at $5,152.

The pandemic means that Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events have gone virtual. She notes attendance of some 25,000 in past years at Detroit. This year, fundraising took a hit as a result of in-person Detroit and Ann Arbor events being canceled.

To make a donation, go to: