Thursday, November 12, 2020

Voters in Sumpter Township choose incumbents for board

Sumpter Township voters elected a new supervisor and treasurer last week and reelected incumbents to the board of trustees.

Tim Bowman, a Republican, received a total of 2,709 votes for supervisor while incumbent John W. Morgan, a Democrat, received 2,291 votes.

There were 5,033 votes cast, with 2,537 cast by absentee ballot and 2,496 cast on election day. There were 33 unresolved ballots, according to township officials.

Esther Hurst, who was unopposed, received a total of 3,193 votes and will serve another term as township clerk.  James C. Clark, a Democrat, received 2,813 votes in his bid to become the new township treasurer. Clark was opposed by write-in candidate Vincent Warren, although there was no total vote count available for Warren at press time.

Top vote getter for the board of trustees was incumbent Tim Rush, a Republican, who received 3,035 votes. His total was followed by incumbent Matt Oddy, a Democrat, who received 2,457 votes and incumbent Don LaPorte who garnered 2,544 votes.

Candidate Peggy Morgan, a Democrat, received 2,313 votes to win a seat on the board. Democrat Sheena Barnes received 2,244 votes.

Voters also selected members of the Van Buren Public School District Board of Education. Top voter getter was incumbent Kelly Owen with 1,069 votes. Her total was followed by incumbent Simone Pinter with 977 votes and incumbent Susan K. Featheringill with 904 votes. Dionne Falconer won the fourth available seat on the board with 710 votes

Candidate Terrance C. Goff received 646 votes.

All four of the new school board members live in Van Buren Township.