Thursday, November 5, 2020

Firefighters seniority, experience recognized

While the pandemic has delayed an official recognition, Sumpter Township firefighters can expect a formal board tribute marking  their exemplary service as soon as it is safe.

Members of the board of trustees accepted a large framed photo tribute to the firefighters and acknowledged the long seniority and years of service many of the members of the department had already completed.

Trustees said they will formally recognize members of the department with more than 10 years of service including Chief Joseph Januszyk - 43 years; Lt. Rick Sliwa - 43 years; Battalion Chief John Krushlin - 35 years; Deputy Chief Rick Brown - 35 years; Battalion Chief Timothy Armstrong - 22 years; Captain Michael McHenry - 20 years; Lt. Michael Wisniewski - 18 years; Firefighter Donald LaPorte - 14 years; Captain Walter Thompson - 10 years.

Firefighters with fewer than 10 years include: Firefighter Eric Long - 7 years; Lt. Jamie Krushlin - 6.3 years; Lt. Jamie Goode - 5.6 years; Firefighter Shauna McCall - 4.9 Years; Firefighter Colleen Armatis - 4.2 years; Firefighter Brian Blackburn - 4 years; Firefighter David Behrendt - 3.2 years; Firefighter Sonya Ingle - 2.8 years; Firefighter Kenneth Myers - 2.4 years; Firefighter Rachel Scott - 1.7 years; Firefighter Richard Landskroener - 1 year; Firefighter Benjamin Combs - 1 year; Firefighter Joseph Jackson - 9 months; Firefighter Chris Zweng - 3 months; Firefighter James Beaumont - a new hire; Firefighter Jacob Kosikowski - a new hire; Chaplain Rhonda Overman - 8 years; Chaplain John Swoffer - 4 years and Chaplain Jordena Swoffer - 4 years.

Resident Mary Mann spoke to the members of the board about her recent interaction with the fire department and noted that Blackburn and Armatis were exemplary in helping her after a recent fall in her home.

“They kept me calm, got myself trapped in my own bedroom,” she explained. “They were there within 5 minutes. We have a wonderful fire department and police department,” she said.