Thursday, March 19, 2020

Cost of repairs to MainCentre parking lot are discussed

There is no dispute that improvements to the lower level of the two-story parking deck at Center and Cady streets in downtown Northville are needed, but who funds the repairs is a matter of opinion.
According to a report from City Manager Pat Sullivan, the repairs are the responsibility of Singh, the company that owns and operates MainCentre. Singh attorney Lawrence Kilgore, however, maintains that the responsibility for the repairs rests with the city as part of the original contract between Singh and the City of Northville. Kilgore told members of the city council that Singh bought parking credits of just under $1 million to be able to use the lower level of the parking deck and add gates so it could be used exclusively by residents of MainCentre.
He told the council members during a public hearing earlier this month that the city is responsible for all repairs and maintenance to the deck based on the original contract and that Singh does not intend to pay the assessed cot of $227,950. He told the council members that Singh is prepared to take the issue to the State Tax Tribunal and reminded officials that Singh pays the electric bills, paid for the painting of the lower level and funds the janitorial services for the bridge and elevator attached to the parking deck which are used by the public. 
City of Northville attorney Greg Need responded that the matter of future repairs and maintenance is not clearly defined in the original contract and that an assessment of the property should be completed.
The council members agreed to prepare and adopt a resolution to have the city assessor prepare a special assessment roll for the MainCentre Parking  Deck Special Assessment District and a  public hearing on the matter was to be scheduled at the March 16 city council meeting.